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Situated at 25 Harley Street

Private General and Occupational Practice

We are a caring, experienced and innovative Private General and Occupational Practice conveniently situated at 25 Harley Street

The following services are available:

GP Consultations

We are all experienced physicians and able to consult in any area of general practice. We aim to ensure that each patient is looked after as an individual, in an unhurried manner, by the same doctor should they wish, as we recognise the importance of continuity of care to our patients.

We are able to offer the option of both in-person or virtual consultations and communicate remotely with members of GPatLondonW1 via our online service, GPatHome, 7am-7pm 365 days a year. We are able to provide prescriptions in person or via our Pharmacy Concierge Service.

Comprehensive medicals

Following the taking of a detailed medical and family history, we then carry out a full doctor-led clinical examination including body composition analysis, a blood pressure check, urinalysis, spirometry, cardiovascular risk assessment, blood tests, a baseline heart test (ECG), breast examination (and smear test/mammogram if needed) for women and a prostate examination for men. At our offices in 25 Harley Street, we have access to on-site world class Diagnostics and Imaging and further screening for bowel cancer and coronary artery disease is organised as clinically needed. We provide a prompt, detailed report on the clinical findings, blood results as well as providing medical and lifestyle advice.

Should you not be able to attend in person, we can offer a reduced scope medical via video using a Nationwide comprehensive blood testing as well as including a cardiac risk assessment and bowel cancer screening (FIT test).

Occupational health assessments

We recognise the importance of a healthy workforce and look after a number of companies, carrying out pre-employment and annual company medicals as well as providing occupational health advice on subjects including Covid-safe practices, long term sickness absence, return to work assessments, medical severance and ill health retirement as well as advising on general staff health and wellbeing.

Both Dr Setchell and Dr Payne hold the Diploma in Occupational Medicine.

Well woman screening

GP at London W1 is able to provide full well woman screening including cervical, ovarian and breast cancer screening (smear tests and mammograms are carried out on the day), as well as providing sexual health screening, contraception and pregnancy advice. We also have access to osteoporosis screening (DEXA scan). Learn More



Well man screening

As well as prostate and testicular cancer screening, we can provide sexual health screening and comprehensive cardiovascular screening onsite. Stress assessment and management is also an important part of screening and we work closely with psychiatry colleagues when more in-depth support is needed. Learn More

Menopause management

Both Dr Payne and Dr Setchell have further qualifications in menopause management as well as many years of experience in womens' health. Dr Setchell also works as an Associate at Hormone Health for Mr Nick Panay, a world leader in menopause care, providing the most up to date treatments for menopause related issues, including the use of regulated bio-identical hormones. They are both members of the British Menopause Society. Learn More

Diagnostic: ECG, blood tests and imaging

We carry out ECGs, spirometry and blood tests within our appointments. Situated at 25 Harley Street, part of the Phoenix Hospital Group, all our patients have access to a comprehensive range of imaging onsite, such as Xray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, DEXA and CT coronary angiography.


Specialist referral

All of the doctors working at GP at London W1 have unrivalled relationships with leading medical specialists, with whom they share the care of patients, from referral to onward management and hospital admission, planned or urgent, when needed.

Vaccinations: travel, influenza, HPV and childhood

The practice offers detailed travel consultations and can provide a full range of vaccinations and the latest health advice on travel to high risk destinations.

Friendly, efficient and innovative private GP practice

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We provide a comprehensive range of General Practice and Occupational Health Services in a calm and comfortable environment with rapid access to a wide range of diagnostic tests and specialists at local private hospitals.


We provide services to the following companies


Family GP service in a relaxed environment.

Appointments are available between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday at the practice or via GPatHome and it is usually possible to accommodate same day appointment requests (video, telephone or face to face).

If you are too ill to attend the practice and wish to be seen, please ring as early in the day as possible and arrangements will be made for a home visit.

Central London

We are a friendly, efficient and innovative private GP practice, conveniently situated on Harley Street.

Highest Quality Care

Dr Payne, Dr Setchell and Dr Wall are experienced private practitioners who provide bespoke personalised care for all their patients. 

Home visits available

If you are too ill to attend the practice and wish to be seen, please ring as early in the day as possible and arrangements will be made for a home visit.

Family GP Services

We provide a fully comprehensive family GP service in a relaxed environment.

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GP at London W1
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